Company Information

Huxley Europe is a young company that develops fast moving healthcare products. Huxley Europe’s leadership has proven experience in marketing to the UK healthcare market. Its principal payer is the UK National Health Service.

Huxley Europe plans to expand its range of product offerings to its home market. Huxley Europe has overseas marketing activities via contracted partners. Huxley Europe is committed to research and development and is currently developing its own intellectual property.

  • Huxley Europe is a company that develops healthcare products by manufacturing, marketing and distributing.
  • Home market- United Kingdom
  • Industrial sectors – Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Nutrition.
  • Research and Development commitment 2014-2016 circa €500,000.
  • Drug products in development – 2
  • Medical devices in development – 5
  • Principal customers:  80% UK National Health Service / 20% Private healthcare providers and private individuals out of pocket.